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Для получения амбулаторного лечения в водолечебнице необходимо иметь при себе санаторно-курортную карту (обязательно!!!). Телефон для справок (87951) 5-14-58, 2-21-81,2-22-64, факс: (87951)2-21-81

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Stavropol state autonomous health establishment

 «Regional balneological hospital»



Profile of hospital

Stavropol state autonomous health establishment «Regional balneological hospital»

Adress: 357820; Stavropol territory, Georgievsk, Right Bank of the river Podkumok.

The head – Belyaev Nail Imamalikovich - 8(87951)2-22-54, 2-21-81.

Stavropol state autonomous health establishment «Regional balneological hospital» was established in 1976.  Balneological clinic is located in the southeast of Georgievsk downstream of the Podkumok river. The city of Georgievsk is part of a specially protected ecological resort region of the Russian Federation – Caucasian Mineral Waters on the basis of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 06, 1992 No. 462.

The balneological hospital occupies a forest fund area with a total area of 2.4 hectares. This is a forested part of the green zone. There are two medical buildings, therapeutic sauna building, garage and reservoir of drains. The total built-up area is 1.4 thousand m2. Three wells were drilled at the specially protected sanitary zone. One is with fresh water is for household needs and the other is for thermal-mineral springs.

The first well (400 m3/day) was drilled in 1969. Its depth is 1811 metres. Discovered aquifer was related to the sandstones of Chokrak - Tarkhan of Neogenic Age. The deposits of Chokrak-Tarkhan are water-rich (28.2 l/s). Groundwater has a temperature of up to 60° at the mouth and can be used as an energy carrier. Quaternary groundwater is used to cool very hot mineral water operated by a shallow well (15 m) No.6105 drilled in 1988. This water is used for household needs of the hospital. The well is operated within the needs of the balneological clinic and ranges from 20 m3/day (in winter) to 75 m3/day (in summer) with constant monitoring of the level and quality of groundwater. Production well No.1 can be used not more than 400 m3/day. The waters of well No.1 are highly mineralized, which include iodine - bromine, boric, sodium chloride salts with a high content of organic matter and silicic acid.

Waters of similar composition and salinity are therapeutic and are used for balneological purposes. An underground building and a water tower are built above well No.1. The water tower is a rectangular building of 4 floors with building area of 41.7 m2.

In 1989-1991, the North Caucasian Hydrogeological Expedition carried out work on the exploration of the Georgievsk iodine-bromine highly mineralized thermal mineral water field. During the exploratory work production well 1-RE has been drilled to a depth of 1250 m and a power of 400m³ / day.

According to the qualitative composition of microflora epidemiological safety standards, this water can be used for external consumption.

The presence of boric acid (122 mg / l), bromine (45 mg / l), iodine (8 mg / l) in concentrations exceeding the lower limits of therapeutic activity, significantly expands the possibilities of using water for medicinal purposes.

The following procedures are performed:

  • baths

  • underwater - shower massage

  • gynecological irrigation

  • intestinal irrigation

  • irrigation of the throat and nose

  • head irrigation

  • irrigation gums

  • manual massage


Physiotherapy procedures:

- Magnetic therapy

- Diadynamic currents

- Ultra-high frequency therapy

- Ultrasound

- UV - ultraviolet radiation

- Statistical shower

- Electrophoresis with various medication

The balneological hospital uses imported therapeutic mud from the Tambukan field. Procedures are carried out on a thick-layer application technique and are used to treat various diseases.

During the existence of the balneological hospital from 1976 to the present, more than 425,000 people have been treated.

On the 1st floor there are 2 underwater douche – massage rooms, a bath and mud cure, a juice bar for receiving an oxygen cocktail and medicinal tea, and rest rooms after taking procedures. On the 2nd floor there are 2 massage rooms, intestinal irrigation, gynecological irrigation, throat / nose irrigation room, physiotherapy room. The physiotherapy room is equipped with devices for electro-, magnetic, and ultrasound therapy.


In 2010, a new equipment was purchased - an oxygen cocktail maker.

The staff number is 33 people. All employees have a certificate of specialist and certificate of qualification.

Stavropol state autonomous health establishment «Regional balneological hospital» provides therapeutic and preventive care, rehabilitates patients after acute and exacerbations of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, musculoskeletal system, digestive organs, gynecological diseases, metabolic disorders, skin diseases.

The hospital helps more than 7,000 people every year. Residents of the city of Georgievsk and the Georgievsky district, other regions of the Stavropol Territory, residents of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as guests from near and far abroad are treated here.